Final League Table 2019

Following today’s final league league match of the 2019 season at Solhampton, the final league table has now been calculated.

The table excludes everyones worst 2 results. 

Congratulations to Carl Gibbons on winning the 2019 league trophy and special mention to Craig ‘Pinkie’ Baker for finishing runner up and Matt Aldritt on his 3rd place in his first season with the club.

Congratulations also to Matt Aldritt on winning the Singles Knockout and to Wayne Southall and Carl Gibbons on securing the Doubles Knockout Title.

Another fantastic season and thanks to all members and Committee Members for making this such a good season all round.

Don’t forget the Clubs AGM and Prize Giving on Tuesday 3rd of December.

Summarised Final League Placings
Full Final League Table for 2019


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Match 11 – 2019 – Unwicks Farm – Hunters Pool

Unwicks Farm – Hunters Pool

Penultimate match of the 2019 saw us return to Unwicks Farm fishery on Hunters Pool and it was a little cooler than last time we fished it thank goodness. Even so, Joe Bunting graced us all with his new pork pie hat which didn’t go un-noticed by the pee takers present.

However back to the fishing and it was a red letter day for Lee Mason registering an extremely impressive 160lb 6oz all caught on paste from a peg with a concrete drain. Thats an impressive weight on any venue and a particularly good weight for this venue with much lower weights usually framing.

Well done Lee !!!

With Lee clearly taking first place it was left to the others to make up the places with Alan Jones registering 64lb dead for 2nd and Craig ‘Pinkie’ Baker weighing in with 59lb 15oz for third.

Roger Pierce was 4th with 54lb 15oz and John Haywood sneaking 5th with 48lb 10oz.

Match Report

Updated League Table

Updated League Table After Match 11

Singles Knockout Final Result

The final of the Single’s Knockout Competition saw Matt Aldritt and Justin Haywood go head to head for the 2019 title. It was Matt who took the honours with 46lb 1oz compared to Justin’s 29lb 8oz.

Congratulations go to Matt !!

Next Match

Best behaviour please as our next match is at Solhampton Fishery on Kingfisher Pool

Sunday 20th October 2019

Fishery Nets – please make yourself aware of the rules – particularly the limit on bait and NO DEAD MAGGOTS.

Match 10 2019 – Boldings Pools – Beech Pool

Match 10 of the 2019 Season … where has the year gone ?

15 Anglers defended upon Boldings to fish Oak Pool but a clerical error by the fishery had two clubs booked on Oak and for some reason it was Dudley Rod’n’Reel that were oiked off to fish on Beech Pool instead.

One of the more picturesque of the pools at Boldings Beech features the infamous ‘Point’ peg where the pressure of everyone on the pool watching, mistakes and all, can tell…this time it was Carl Lovell that was unlucky enough to draw that honour.

Weights were fairly low – whether that was due to 15 anglers being on it, our abilities or due to the conditions who knows?

It was Justin Haywood who topped the weights putting 49lb 2oz into the club’s new weigh bucket to take first place with Matt Aldritt second with 43lb dead.

Craig ‘Pinkie’ Baker was third with 32lb 6oz and Lee Mason fourth with 30lb 8oz.

John Haywood snook into fifth place with 28lb 14oz.

Match Report

Match Report from Match 10 – Boldings Beech

Updated League Table

Updated League Table After Match 10 – Order Includes 2 Worst Results Dropped

Singles Knockout Competition

The Semi Final of the Singles Knockout Competition saw the remaining four anglers compete for the honour of reaching the final.

Justin Haywood, Matt Aldritt, Craig Baker and Carl Gibbons remained.

The draw saw Justin Haywood fishing against Craig Baker and Matt Aldritt, currently second in the league, fishing against league leader Carl Gibbons.

In the first tie Justin Haywood saw off the challenge from Craig ‘Pinkie’ Baker with 49lb 2oz compared to Craigs 32lb 6oz to progress to the final.

In the second tie it Matt Aldritt with 43lb dead that advanced to the final beating Carl Gibbons with 14lb 2oz.

Justin and Matt have agreed to fish the final at Unwicks on Match 11 rather than Match 12 as Matt is not able to make Match 12 at Solhampton.

Unless this creates a problem for the 4 anglers left in the Doubles Knockout, the Doubles final will now be moved to Match 12 at Solhampton.

Next Match …

Next match is Sunday 22nd September at Unwicks Fishery.

Please bring your own nets please Gentlemen rules and information below.

Understand that you can use your own feed pellets.

Match 9 2019 – Alverchurch Fisheries – Horseshoe Lake

Match 9 saw the club return to Alvechurch Fishery to fish Horseshoe Lake. The Club fished the fisheries Canal Pool earlier in the Season.

Everyone caught fish but it was Carl Gibbons who put most on the scales registering 132lb 15oz for first place with Craig Baker netting 110lb 6oz for second. Joe Bunting was 3rd with his first ever club ton and Justin Haywood 4th with 87lb 1lb.

Match Report

Updated League Table

Doubles Knockout Round 2

Round 2 of the Doubles Knockout competition saw Craig Cash & Lee Mason, Wayne Southall & Carl Gibbons, Craig Baker & Matt Aldritt in the draw along with David Holt & Roger Pierce.

Wayne Southall & Carl Gibbons were drawn against Craig Baker & Matt Aldritt and with Matt being absent for this match Craig Baker had half of his own weight added to the pairs total weight but it wasn’t enough to beat Wayne and Carl.

In the second half of the draw Craig Cash & Lee Mason were drawn against David Holt & Roger Pierce. With David having half of his own weight added to his pairs total due to Rogers absence it wasn’t enough to beat Craig & Lee.

So Craig & Lee progress to the final fishing against Wayne Southall and Carl Gibbons for the 2019 Doubles Knockout Competition.

Next Match

Sunday 1st of September 2019
Boldings Pools, Oak Pool
Draw 8.45am
Bring own nets please gentlemen

Match 8 2019 – Hunnington Fishery – Kingfisher Pool

A new venue for the club today despite it being on the doorstep with our trip to a sunny but blustery Romsley just outside of Halesowen to Hunnington Fishery.

Despite the new venue the honours went more to form with Carl Gibbons putting together a weight of 58lb dead to take first place with Matt Aldritt second with 53lb 8oz and Craig Cash third with 49lb 2oz.

Justin Haywood was fourth with 26lb dead and Craig Baker 5th with 24lb 8oz.

Guess your weight was split with a tie between Wayne Southall and Craig Baker (enjoy your half a pint each boys with the winnings).

Match 8 Report from Hunnington Fishery on Kingfisher Pool

Updated League Table

Singles Knockout Round 2

It was Round 2 of the Singles Knockout today and 1 tie to be completed from Round 1.

Matt Southall and Justin Haywood competed against each other to complete the outstanding first round tie with the winner also fishing in Round 2.

Dave Holt was beaten by Craig Baker
Justin Haywood beat Matt Southall in the outstanding 1st Round tie and then went on to beat Lee Mason in Round 2
Craig Cash was narrowly beaten by Matt Aldritt
Carl Gibbons beat Alan Jones

So Craig Baker, Justin Haywood, Matt Aldritt and Carl Gibbons will contest the Semi Final at Boldings on the 1st of September.

Next Match

Sunday 11th August 2019
Alvechurch Fishery – Horseshoe Lake
Bittell Road, Birmingham, B45 8BW

The fishery provide all nets … no stink bags on site please.

2019 – Match 7 – Wilden Pool

Match 7 saw the club list Wilden Pool just outside of Kidderminster, a more natural venue than the usual commercials the club tends to fish and certainly made for a welcome change.

The warm weather on morning seemed to encourage most of the resident carp to cruise around the lake with only one angler putting together a decent weight.

Lee Mason weighed in with 77lb 4oz to take first place and the Ken Robinson Memorial Trophy which was presented by Ken’s son in law and previous winner Craig Cash.

Carl Gibbons was second on the day with 44lb dead and Matt Aldritt was third with 36lb 4oz narrowing beating Craig Cash by 4oz who finished fourth.

Match Report

Match Report from Match 7 at Wilden Pool

Updated League Table

Updated League Table after Match 7 at Wilden Pool

Doubles Knockout Round 1

Craig Cash & Lee Mason beat Matt Southall & Alan Jones with half Alan’s weight to replace Matt who was absent not being enough to beat Craig and Lee.

John Haywood & Carl Lovell were beaten by Wayne Southall & Carl Gibbons with Carl receiving half of his weight to replace his partner who was absent.

Ian Holt & Joe Bunting were beaten by Craig Baker & Matt Aldritt with Matt’s weight alone being enough to see the pair through to the next round.

Dave Holt & Roger Pierce received a bye into Round 2

Next Match

Sunday 21st July 2019
Hunnington Fishery – Kingfisher Pool
I understand it is Fishery Nets only

2019 Match 6 – Solhampton Fishery – Partridge Lake

Match 6 of the 2019 Season, can you believe we are already half way through, saw 14 anglers visit an old club haunt in Solhampton Fishery. A new lake though for the club fishing on Partridge which is to all tense and purposes a canal. Long and very narrow with pegs all on the one side.

Craig Cash capitalised on the ‘Pipe’ peg to take the win with 65lb 8oz. Alan Jones was second with 55lb 4oz and Lee Mason third with 47lb dead.

Carl Gibbons was 4th with 40lb dead and Craig Baker 5th with 37lb 4oz.

Match Report

Updated League Table

Singles Knockout Round 1 Results

Round 1 of the Singles Knockout results were as follows :

Carl Lovell was beaten by Alan Jones
Craig Baker beat Joe Bunting 
Roger Pierce was beaten by Carl Gibbons
Matt Southall v Justin Haywood – Tie Deferred
Ian Holt was beaten by Matt Aldritt
John Haywood was beaten by Craig Cash
Dave Holt beat Wayne Southall
Lee Mason Received a Bye  

Anglers in Bold progress to Round 2

2019 Match 5 – Cob House – Laurel Pool

Match 5 of the 2019 Season saw a somewhat depleted number descend on Cob House Fishery for what is probably the best breakfast of the season so far.

With 4 members away enjoying hot tub sessions at Westwood Lakes and claiming it is a fishing holiday 11 anglers fished this match.

Carl Gibbons amassed a superb 238lb 8oz of carp caught down the edge. Justin Haywood recording 86lb and loosing a similar amount with Roger Pierce 3rd with 74lb 8oz.

Good job the fishery provided the nets – but seriously congratulations to Carl on a tremendous achievement on a pool which normally is under the shadow of Wyatts for big weights.

Match Report

Updated League Table

Next Match

Sunday 23 June 2019
Solhampton Fishery – Partridge Lake

2019 – Match 4 – Alvechurch Fishery – Canal Pool

Match 4 of the 2019 Season saw the club return to Alvechurch Fishery on the somewhat confusingly titled Canal Pool. The reason for this being it runs parallel to the nearby canal.

Good weights from most pegs with two exceptional weights standing out especially given the amount of anglers on the pool.

Carl Gibbons took the match win with 117lb 4oz from end peg nearest the car park and Matt Aldritt weighed in with 103lb 2oz for second. Craig Baker was third with 75lb dead with Wayne Southall 4th and Craig Cash 5th.

Updated League Table

After Match 4 of the 2019 Season

Draw for Doubles and Singles Knockout

Singles Knockout Draw

9 Carl Lovell v 8 Alan Jones
4 Craig Baker v 10 Joe Bunting
1 Roger Pierce v 6 Carl Gibbons
13 Matt Southall v 15 Justin Haywood
11 Ian Holt v 2 Matt Aldritt
14 John Haywood v 3 Craig Cash
12 Dave Holt v 5 Wayne Southall
7 Lee Mason Receives a Bye

Doubles Knockout Draw

3 Craig Cash & 7 Lee Mason v 13 Matt Southall & 8 Alan Jones
14 John Haywood & 9 Carl Lovell v 5 Wayne Southall & 6 Carl Gibbons
11 Ian Holt & 10 Joe Bunting v 4 Craig Baker & 2 Matt Aldritt
12 Dave Holt & 1 Roger Pierce receive a bye into Round 2

Next Match

Match 5 – 2019 June 2nd
Cob House – Laurel Pool